Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sum up of Project

A Story of Art:
Looking at the element of Story Telling vs. Documentation in Holocaust Art.

I have found this project very thought provoking because of these points:
  • It's difficult to find Holocaust Art - there doesn't seem to be many books that cover the subject and the ones that do, are guides to Museum and Gallery exhibitions.
  • Although this project is only very brief and touches only lightly on some of the points that I have made, I feel that I have developed my ideas from the start of the project and through researching Holocaust Art, I have given myself a good platform on which to start talking critically about Art. 
  • I have learnt, also, that I am quite opinionated. This is something that I have tried to avoid as best I could because the subject of the Holocaust is very intense and sinister as well as complex. If I were to write all of the thoughts that I have, I doubt that this blog would ever end. 

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